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It's a sticker.
It repels mosquitoes.

Always covered

Each Nomos pouch has enough stickers to protect you for up to a week. Fits in your pocket too!

I have two young kiddos who play outside all the time, we used the stickers at night and they worked great!

-Kathy S. North Carolina

The kids get first dibs on Nomos, but I didn't want to be left out. They work great for garden parties!

-Rhoda B. New York

Ivan is the family superhero fan. Now, he's got a new superpower too -- stopping mosquitoes with an invisible Nomos forcefield!

-Maverick G. Texas

Not sure how I ever got through lake season without these ... mosquitoes are the Minnesota state bird!

-Adrienne T. Minnesota

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Family Pack

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Grab & Go Dispenser

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It’s easy as

Simply peel the stickers from the sheet, stick to your clothes, and you’re covered for the whole day!

  • Peel

    Try 2 stickers for kids,
    or 4 if you're an adult!

  • Stick

    Stick to any article of clothing (but not skin!)

  • Play!

    Nomos last for 12 hours, so you can be worry-free

All natural

Effective, all-natural ingredients that smell like they came from your grandmother’s garden

  • Lavender “Lavandula angustifolia”

    A natural mosquito repellent on its own, with a calming aroma.

  • Geranium “Pelogarnium citrosum”

    A natural mosquito repellent with fresh citrus zing!

  • Citronella “Cymbopogon nargus”

    The most well-known and effective natural moqsuito repellant

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What’s in a pouch?

Each pouch containers 20 stickers total, separated onto 5 sheets. That's good for about a week of coverage.

Where is my order?

If you have questions about your order, please contact and we'll look into it.