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Grab & Go Dispenser
Grab & Go Dispenser
Grab & Go Dispenser
Grab & Go Dispenser
Grab & Go Dispenser
Grab & Go Dispenser
Grab & Go Dispenser
Grab & Go Dispenser

Grab & Go Dispenser

1,000 Stickers (50 Pouches)

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It's a sticker. It repels mosquitoes. Really!

How to Use

Remove stickers from the adhesive sheet and place them on clothing, shoes, bags, masks, strollers, fanny packs, hats… basically, anything that isn’t your skin.  

We recommend 2 stickers per child and 4 stickers per adult.

They'll remain effective for 8-12 hours.


The stickers are made from paper infused with organic sourced Lavender Oil, Citronella Oil and Geranium oil.


Please don’t eat or lick - just peel and stick.

Do not stick on strangers.

Do not stick on pets.

Please recycle or properly dispose of used stickers, keep our planet happy!

What’s in a pouch?

20 Stickers

Each handy pouch contains 20 stickers across 5 sheets.  Perfect for a full day of protection on the go!

Clean Ingredients

We use real, natural botanical oils to achieve our signature scent. A carefully proportioned blend of Citronella, Lavender and Geranium is incredibly effective at repelling Mosquitoes without toxic chemical additives. It also smells great to us humans!


Nomos patches are designed to disappear after they've done their job. Compostable and biodegradable materials including adhesive and inks means you can feel good about protecting your family and the planet.

I have two young kiddos who play outside all the time, we used the stickers at night and they worked great!

-Kathy S. North Carolina