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It all started on a hot and sweaty summer day in the Galapagos, as most horror-stories do. Mona - the creative brain behind the brand, found herself completely over the whole dramatic feat of chasing down her two boys to spray them in chemical laden, sticky, messy mosquito repellent while on their family summer vacation. 

As she chased her children, she began mentally tallying how many minutes in her life had been wasted trying to wrangle kids. Then, the opportunity appeared. What if we made using mosquito repellent fun? What if there was something that kids begged parents to use?

Enter: NOMOS. 

It's a sticker. It repels mosquitos. Really.

All the power of mosquito repellant condensed into playful, versatile, and kid-friendly stickers.  Minus the nasty smells, toxic chemicals and tacky designs.

Our goal is self-service: they grab a sticker, they put it on, they go play outside. Five seconds and they’re off, and you’re sitting back sipping an iced tea and get to enjoy parenting again.